Life Through Our Eyes

A Shared Education Project

Inspiring Individuals

Sometimes in life you meet someone who leaves a lasting impression on you.  It could be a teacher, a sportsperson, a friend or family member.   Create a blog post below about that person. Think about your title, your content and audience.  Try to choose 3,4  or 5 things about that person that makes them stand out for you.  Maybe think about finishing your post with a ‘call to action’.

Share your content below.  When you have done this, read the posts of others and leave an encouraging message for them.

Happy blogging!


Just visiting?

We thought that we should have a spot where our visitors can leave a message.  You have found it!   If you aren’t a participant in our project, but simply stopping by for a look, please let us know.  Post a comment and let us know who you are, where you are from and why blogging is important to you in your career.  We can’t wait to read your messages.

If you can, check back again in a few weeks  and respond to our replies.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Top Three Trips for Tired Teachers

Summer time is coming and its now the busiest time of the year for teachers!  Yes, your teacher is busy and tired.  They have far too much to be doing in such a short space of time!  How about treating them?

If you could send your teacher ANYWHERE where would it be?  What would they do? How long would they go for? Why would they go there? What might they need?

Post your top 3 trip ideas below and try to remember the blogging format.  Add some detail for each trip about why you are suggesting it.  You never know, you might just inspire a teacher to travel!

Happy blogging!


Challenge time


You are settled back into school now and it’s time to showcase your story writing talent.

Your challenge is to create some content in just 100 words.  You can create a blog, write a story, compose a song, share a poem. I don’t mind as long as its no more than 100 words.

Can’t wait to read your posts!


Welcome back after your Easter Holidays

I’d love to know how you spent your Easter holiday.

Did you go to the caravan, beach or on a foreign holiday?

Did you eat many chocolate eggs?

Share your Easter break stories below in 100 words (MAX!).  I don’t mind if you are a little creative with your ideas, in fact, the more creative the better!  I can’t wait to get reading what you got up to!

Mrs McCormick 🙂



How do you spend your free time?

Do you have any interests that you would like to share?

Read all about our interests here.



We love all things to do with sport.  Read our posts on blogs here!


Going wild. Animals!

We have been busy creating some blogs about animals.  Read all about them here.


I am…

Before Christmas, we met with Frank Galligan and wrote some poems inspired by our village.  Have a read at them. We hope you enjoy.


Book Share

Getting lost in a good book is hard to beat and many of us love reading as a past time or just to get a break.  It is true that the more you read the easier it gets.  Practice makes perfect.  Do you have a favourite book? Why is it your favourite? Have you been reading a new book recently? What do you like/dislike about it?  Would you recommend it?  Share your thoughts below!


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